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We are a digital platform provider that is committed to helping our customers take full advantage of the latest technology to streamline operations and improve service delivery.


Who Are We?

Taking Your Individual or Business’s Digital Footprint To The Forefront Of Technology

Interfront is a technology solutions partner, with specialist services for Revenue and Customs Authorities. The knowledge gained over 20 years within this market, enables the Interfront team to leverage the technology platforms and components to the benefit of our customers, and the broader eco-system within other government departments and private sector companies. The value of these platforms is enhanced by simple and effective user interfaces for both public and business engagement.

We bring proven, modern, flexible and cost-effective innovations to the South African and global market.


what can we do for you?

Application Lifecycle Management

As experienced consultants, we provide assessments and advice regarding your approach to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Systems Analysis

Our architectural experience and expertise in web and client-based application development will ensure a successful outcome.

Software Development

We offer our extensive architecture and development expertise.

User Experience

We provide discovery, strategy and design services to create the best possible user experience.

Application Integration

We integrate custom-developed software with core business applications (ERP, CRM etc.).

Mobile Application Development

We’re platform agnostic, developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps.

Cloud Application Development

We design, develop and deploy Cloud applications.

Transfer of Knowledge & Co-Sourcing Engagement Model

We are committed to creating mutually beneficial, lifelong partnerships with our clients.

Welcome to the Impossible

Let’s work together to turn what is perceived as impossible into reality.


Interfront has over 20 years’ experience in delivering software solutions to organisations routed in the financial services sector. Our highly skilled team concentrates its efforts on delivering solutions that enable growth, efficiency and innovation.


We are backed by recognised and esteemed key associates such as the South African Revenue Service, and together our industry relevant experience is invaluable. Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to modernisation and our experience in delivering large-scale modern software solutions.


The world changes daily and our customers are defined by these changes, be it shifting trade and travel trends, to complex economic, social and political realities in our interconnected world. At Interfront we ensure that we are on top of these trends and changes, and we constantly re-focus and customise our smart software solutions.


What Makes Us Stand Out?

How We Have Made a Difference

Connected Borders

Interfront - Smart Systems Better Borders

A connected world needs seamless borders. We know that Customs authorities have weighty responsibilities and face multiple challenges. Watch our video to discover how Interfront can help address these challenges.

SARS eFiling

Interfront - Making Systems Smarter

A simple process for taxpayers, tax practitioners, traders and businesses to comply with their tax obligations, is what the eFiling platform delivers. Allowing us all to make a contribution to the growth and development of South Africa. Watch our video to experience the simplicity.