Interfront is focused on Customs. We bring proven, modern, flexible and cost effective Customs innovations to the borders of any country.

We are backed by recognised and esteemed key associates such as the South African Revenue Service, Accenture and Tatis International. Together our industry relevant experience is invaluable.
Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to transformation and our experience in delivering large scale modern Customs solutions.

The world changes daily and Customs agencies are defined by those changes, be it shifting trade and travel trends, to complex economic, social and political realities in our interconnected world.
At Interfront we ensure that we are on top of those trends and changes and we constantly re-focus and customise our smart software solutions.

Our Values

Our values reflect what is important to us. They guide us in everything we do and say.

TECHI – How we work



Trustworthy – being honest and reliable
Respect – treat others as you would like to be treated.



Striving for the best in our organisation and our product through constant innovation and pride in our product and service delivery



Passionate team work; walking the extra mile; commitment to the team and organisation; fun



Servant leadership – Letting other people have your way; transparency; communication; supportive – acting in the best interest of those you are leading in a humble way, supporting each other’s efforts; empowerment; fairness – treating other people in a fair and consistent way; collaboration.



Consistently acting in an honest, respectful and trustworthy manner. Say what you do and do what you say