Social Development – Interfront takes initiative


Heldervalley Learning Centre is a local community centre empowering disadvantaged urban, rural and farming communities through practical and affordable training in the Boland and Heldervalley District of the Western Cape in South Africa.

Interfront was made aware that their computer equipment had been damaged by lightning. Our staff took the initiative to raise the money to help the Heldervalley Learning Centre by hosting an internal bake sale, which was a great success in raising the money needed.

With the necessary funds coupled with Interfront technical know-how a new switchbox and surge protector was installed allowing Heldervalley Learning Centre to re-open their doors to their young learners.

At present, Interfront is working with 3 local underprivileged schools to assist them with their technology requirements and we look forward to our journey to uplift and empower young learners.


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