Tariff management and duty calculator

The Interfront iCBS Tariff Management Console and Duty Calculation modules conform to the WCO Harmonized Tariff system. The iCBS Tariff Management Console improves the Customs administration business agility for promulgation to publication of tariffs and duties.

Furthermore, the iCBS Tariff Management Console supports the customs administration by managing risks associated with Prohibited and Restricted goods (e.g. illicit trade) and offers the ability in maintaining the provisions for trade agreements. The Tariff Management System facilitates the management of required documentation and thus the movement towards single window.

The duty calculator ensures accurate and consistent duty calculations across the business and offers the customs organisation the flexibility to configure duty calculation formulae without requiring development. The implementation of the module is scalable to the size and complexities of a customs operation.


  • Conforms to the WCO Harmonised Tariff System
  • Support for national sub-heading and additional tariff notes
  • Duty lookup and calculation
  • Publishes tariff schedules instantly in multiple formats
  • Allows changes to duty calculation formula without the need for development
  • Support for maintaining trade agreement provisions.
  • Manages risks and processes associated with prohibited and restricted goods
Tariff management system and duty calculator