License and certificate management

The Interfront iCBS License and Certificate Management module offers a centralised, multi-agency certificate management capability for electronic permits and certificates. The Interfront iCBS License and Certificate Management module facilitates uninterrupted trade through real time introduction of new permits and certificates. There is thus a limited need for software deployments that will impact the ongoing transactions being processed.

The scalable and integrated nature of the module supports a movement toward a single window customs administration.


  • Manage the lifecycle of permits and certificates from inception to conclusion
  • Introduce new certificates or permit types in real time without impacting ongoing processes
  • Electronically manage permit and quotas and the issuance of certificates to traders
  • Supports multiple submission channels including web and EDI (EDIFACT and XML)
  • Resilient to network disruptions and can be customised to the specific requirements of any Customs agency
License and certificate management