Inspection and audit management

The Interfront iCBS Inspection and Audit module manages the workflow tasks related to the movement goods through integrated workflow and case management. This module supports both intrusive and non-intrusive inspection types, ranging from documentary to physical inspections.

The iCBS Inspection and Audit module supports the customs operation by preventing selective assignment or “cherry picking” of inspection cases. The implementation of the module is scalable to the size and complexities of any customs operation.

The Interfront iCBS Inspection and Audit module has gone mobile. This module supports goods inspection processes using mobile devices.


  • Integrated workflow and case management
  • Support for documentary or physical inspection types
  • Inspections can be supported through use of mobile technologies
  • Enables a “get-next assignment” method to prevent “cherry picking” of inspection cases
  • Integration with mobile devices for inspection workflow and data capturing
  • Workflow is created and assigned to the relevant office, team or team member
Inspection and audit management