Cargo and goods declaration processing

The Interfront iCBS Cargo and Goods Declaration Processing modules support the business processes of the customs administration for processing of national or inter- regional goods movements. This includes the validation of documents or reported events associated with import, export, arrival and departure cargo processes. Traders and customs administrators are able to submit declarations online via the web and EDI (EDIFACT or XML) and receive instant feedback.

The Interfront iCBS Declaration Processing module replaces paper and manual controls with tactical system-based controls. This facilitates increased trade through harnessing the existing human intellectual capital to the customs operation.

The unique legislative obligations of a customs administration are supported by a powerful business rules engine employed in the iCBS Declaration Processing module. This ensures consistent implementation of the obligations of the customs administration. The implementation of the module is scalable to the size and complexities of a customs operation.


  • Forms based data representing and capture
  • Aligned to the WCO data model
  • Supports trusted trader (AEO) programs
  • Supports seamless integration to existing systems through defined technical interfaces
  • Implements protocols and conventions such as WCO SAFE and Kyoto
  • Supports multiple submission channels, including web, EDI (EDIFACT and XML)
  • Supports offline processing capabilities
  • Real-time validation and verification of data
  • Supports withdrawal, cancellation and amendment of declarations
  • Supports incomplete, provisional, supplementary and periodic declarations
  • Supports version control of declarations with the ability to compare changes across versions
  • Resilient to network disruptions and can be customised to the specific requirements of any Customs agency
Cargo and goods declaration processing