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The iCBS Customs Processing suite consist of declaration processing modules. These modules supports the business processes for the import and export of Goods, arrival and departure of Cargo Transit declarations from multiple submission channels. In addition the declaration processing functionality is extended to the support of Excise declarations.

Our iCBS Compliance suite consist of Risk Assessment, Inspection Management and Control Decision modules which checks for non-compliance and decides on the control actions and inspections related to declarations submitted. It further includes a License and Certificate management system that manages the lifecycle of electronic permits, licenses and certificates from multiple issuing authorities.

Movement of goods under duty suspense is supported by the iCBS Suspense Movements suite. It consist of a Goods Accounting module which reconcile reported cargo movements with matching declared goods movement. In addition, the iCBS Suspense Movement suite include a Bonded Warehouse and Bonded Manufacturing module which is responsible for tracking goods under duty suspense into warehouse or manufacturing facilities respectively until acquittal at exit.

Our iCBS Tariff Management suite is responsible for the classification of commodities and the calculation of duties. The classification standard is compliant with the WCO Harmonised System and supports the national sub-headings and additional codes of the respective country. Furthermore, the functionality of these modules is extended to the management of prohibited and restricted goods and considers specific geographic procedures. The iCBS Tariff Management suite consist of a Duty Calculation and Tariff Management System user interface.

The iCBS is supported by a suite of services and management consoles. These services enables the iCBS modules to send notifications in multiple formats via different communication channels. It further consist of a configurable rules engine that can easily adapt to policy amendments. The iCBS services simplifies integration to external billing engines.

Interfront has made substantial investments in ensuring that our customers are enabled and empowered. As a result the iCBS suite of management consoles were developed that enables self-service administration and real-time systems health monitoring capabilities. The Management Consoles allows specific iCBS modules to be resilient to off-line conditions and the remedying of unforeseen technical errors.

Interfront Customs Solutions