2014 WCO IT Conference


The 2014 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition was held in Brisbane, Australia, from 5 to 7 May 2013 and co-hosted by Australian Customs. This year’s WCO IT conference theme, “Information Technology as a Catalyst for Economic Competitiveness”, attracted over 500 participants from more than 90 countries and 56 Customs administrations.

The collaboration between the two conference organisers, being the WCO and Australian Customs, was a great success in terms of the chosen venue, hospitality and logistical elements. This annual event being the 13th event of its kind.

Interfront wishes to extend a special thanks to all delegates who visited our stand and also the interactive engagement and interest shown in our Customs and Border Management solutions. With the sustained growth in international trade it becomes imperative for Customs to seek effective solutions to facilitate legal trade. Interfront was privileged to share how our proven expertise in delivering IT solutions for Customs that enables economic competitiveness and facilitates trade.

Interfront appreciates the opportunity to have exhibited at the Brisbane held WCO IT Conference and would like to thank our graceful hosts, the Australia Customs and the WCO.


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